How Businesses Can Easily Monitor Yelp Reviews Review Management Platform
Yelp business and restaurant review website.

Yelp is arguably the #1 review website online. More about that can be found on our blog past discussing all the review websites. For that reason reviews on your Yelp business profile can have a profoundly positive or negative impact on your business.

Get automated email alerts about new reviews.Not only do you need to monitor your ratings and reviews but you also need to respond to both negative and positive ones. Most businesses we have consulted with fall short in this area. They simply check in on their listing once or twice a month and hope for the best.

The Platform is seamlessly integrated with Yelp so you can accomplish all the above objectives. You will get an email alert any time a new review is detected. This gives you the ability to thank the individual for positive ratings and correct the issue for any negative sentiments.

The Facts

How people use Yelp reviews.So let’s look at some of the facts about this incredibly powerful consumer opinion platform. 80% of visitors come to get information about a product, service or destination that they are considering purchasing from. 93% of visitors make a purchase from a business after visiting the Yelp. 89% of people make this purchase within a week of their visit.

So what are they looking for when they read reviews and ratings. 44% of people make their buying decisions based on the text. 22% say their decision comes primarily from the number of stars. 17% say it is the actual number of reviews and 14% say they look for ratings left by friends and family.

Why You Must Monitor Your Reviews on Yelp

Increase your business revenue by monitoring Yelp Reviews.This website gets an estimated 150,000,000 visits per month. With all those people coming to look for businesses to purchase from you can be assured your listing will be viewed. If you have anything less than a 4 out of 5 star rating you can also be assured that you are losing business.

There is absolutely no reason to let this happen. You can drive a huge amount of revenue from this source by simply receiving and responding to emails that notify you of a new review.

How Our Review Management Software Helps You

Positive Reviews – Whenever a new review is detected you will receive an email. It is always a good best practice to respond and thank the individual. This is just good customer service and public relations. The other primary reason is that it shows the people who are going to read this interaction in the future that you truly care about your customers and go the extra mile.

Negative Reviews – Some of the most heavily searched terms are those relating to “How to remove a negative review from Yelp”. The short answer is that you cannot. However if you are notified that it has been left and you can immediately contact the person who wrote it, you can correct the issue and politely ask them to edit their comments and/or star rating.

Palomino Review PageGenerating More Positive Reviews – Our platform also helps you increase the number of positive reviews you have on Yelp. You can send requests to your current customers asking them to rate your business. They will then go to your custom business page, an example can be found here.

They will have a choice to leave a positive or negative rating. The positive choice goes to a selection of different platforms. You can choose which ones to feature. In this case we would obviously feature Yelp. They are then directed and guided through the process of leaving their review. The negative choice directs them to a form that is submitted to you giving your business the opportunity to correct the issue before they post their grievance on a public platform.

These are just a few of the features. For full details please click here. If you have any questions about how we can help your business please feel free to Contact Us.

Yelp Review Facts Infographic

How people use Yelp reviews.