Top 5 Marketing Automation Strategies and Software Recommendations for Small Businesses

Pay per click campaigns can be some of the most data intensive marketing efforts your business undertakes and you need to automate some of the processes.

In this article we are going to define the term Marketing Automation. We are going to look at different strategies to implement this tactic in different areas of digital website promotion. We are going to give marketing automation examples and we are also going to look at the best marketing automation software for small businesses. […]

2 Most Important Factors for Local Business Rankings on Google Maps & How To Master Them

How reviews and ratings help your position in Google Maps.

We all know Google has the power to make and sometimes break local businesses. If you are in the good graces of the Big G and your website ranks at the top of the search results for keywords related to your business it is almost a give that you will be a success. For local […]