The Ultimate List of Over 115 Business Review Websites

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The Ultimate List of Over 115 Business Review WebsitesIn this post we have accumulated an extremely detailed list of over 115 business review websites. We have included the major ones everybody has heard of but also many niche sites that are very popular but not necessarily as well know. We all know that reviews are one of the primary ranking signals Google uses for searches with local intent and for results on Google Maps. For full details on the primary 2 signals please read our post: 2 Most Important Factors for Local Business Rankings on Google Maps & How To Master Them.

All businesses are looking for more exposure. Most of our clients were looking for the magic bullet that would bring them tons of customers over night. There must be something out there like that, right? Well the simple answer is Yes, but not over night. The days of shady SEO tactics working to skyrocket you up the search ranking are long gone. However if you are a business that has a local market, as well as national players, one of the easiest ways to shoot up a couple of spots to the top 1 through 3 is to get positive reviews.

Take a look at the screen shot below. The 3 companies in the top spots, below the ads, have 6, 5 and 14 reviews. Now some industries are more competitive than others but the fact still remains that the more positive reviews your business has, the better you will rank.

Why You Should Diversify

While Google is the most important for obvious reasons we highly recommend that you diversify the number of websites you create a listing on and focus on driving reviews to. Ideally you will get listed on every review site on this list that is either a general review site or is in your niche. The reason for creating all these listing is simple, Citations. For a more detailed explination about Citations we would refer you to the post cited above. The second reason for listing and driving reviews to all these sites is a simple numbers game.

You never know where your next prospective customer may be looking for your type of business. After a while you will be able to determine which websites drive the most new customers and you can focus primarily on them, but initially you are going to have to be as many places as you can to find the golden goose or geese. The more exposure you have the more opportunities you have to be found.

Now we are not suggesting you allocate all your marketing efforts towards getting reviews on over 100 different sights. We are suggesting you focus on the majors and then the ones in your niche. You can probably knock out all 15 to 20 listings in one day.

How Do I Drive Reviews To These Sites?

The next logical question is “How do I drive reviews to all these websites?” The answer very simple. You use your most valuable resource, your happy customers. Pick 5 to 20 of them for each website, depending on how many happy customers you have, and email them to ask if they would be so kind as to leave you a positive review on whichever specific website you are targeting at the time. A quick word of caution, DO NOT offer a reward for a review. We always make sure to be very clear about that point.

With this strategy you will be able to have maximum exposure with very high rankings on each site. So keep all this in mind when viewing our list. If you find value in this list please do us a solid by sharing it on your favorite social network. So without further ado …

Let’s Get To The List