Video: How To Get Your Local Business on Page 1 of Google Results Quickly

In this video and blog post you will learn 2 of the biggest mistakes local businesses make when it comes to digital marketing. You will also learn 4 strategies that will help you to get your local business listing on the 1st page of Google search results in little to no time at all. You do not need to be a technical genius or an SEO expert. These strategies are easy to follow and implement.


Local Business Digital Marketing Mistakes

1. Not Taking It Seriously – One of the biggest mistakes businesses make is not taking their digital marketing efforts seriously enough. Think about it. When was the last time you went to a new business without looking for at least some information about it online. At the very least you probably looked for its location.

Now imagine a scenario where you looked online for the location and within the Google results for that business you see their Google My Business listing and they have a 2/5 star rating. Would you think twice about using this business’ service or making a purchase from them? You probably would. Is this a potential pitfall for your SMB? Do you know what your reviews are across all the major sites potential customers/clients could find you?

2. To Much Time and Money Spent on SEO – Yes that is right, many businesses spend far to much time and money trying to rank their website #1 for desired keyword phrases. The simple fact of the matter is that you should be focusing on ranking your website as high as possible on Google Maps.

Google Maps is where most people go to find out how to get to your business. It is also where they see your star rating from Google My Business. In this video Google Places is mentioned but it is now Google My Business. If you rank in the top 5 for your desired keyword phrases on Google Maps, chances are you will also rank on the first page of the normal search as well. In the screenshot below we can see how that works.

Local Business Digital Marketing Tips and Tactics

1. Focus on Reviews – In the example above we see how ranking in Google Maps also gets you on the first page of normal search results with local intent. If you do a search the one thing you will notice is that all the top results on Google Maps have a high average rating and a decent number of reviews. This obviously differs as to what is considered high depending on the competitiveness of the market vertical, but you get the idea.

2. YouTube Video SEO – Does your business have a YouTube Channel. Making videos that show your business’ products/services is not as hard as you may think. You can create a video from anywhere between $75 to $1,000 depending on how in-depth and professional you want to get.

The great thing about YouTube videos is that this platform is owned by Google and videos are being included more and more in search results. You can get a video ranking on the first page of Google for certain search terms much faster and with much less effort than you can your own website. Spend some time looking into and deploying this strategy.

You can get a video ranking on the first page of Google for certain search terms much faster and with much less effort than you can your own website.

3. Directory Sites – Before you say no duh, listen to this strategy. Do a search with your desired keyword. Now go through the results and look to see if there are directory sites. If there are, visit the result and see if your business is listed in the top 3.

If you are not listed on this directory create your listing. If you are but are not ranking very high add more media, a better description, hours of operation and any other information that will enrich your listing. The biggest part of ranking algorithms on sites like are how detailed the business owner has made their listing.

4. Google Adwords – Yes you can pay to be the first, second or third result on Google. Depending on how competitive your niche is the cost per click that you will be paying is probably not nearly as high as you may think. Google Adwords is at its most basic description a bidding system for placement. Local cost per click is not as high because you are competing in a local market with far fewer competitors bidding against you than a national campaign.

Even if you are not the most technical savvy individual you can get your ads up and running. Google will give you an account manager that will help you with the entire process.


We hope by now you can see that you don’t need to be an SEO genious or spend $1,000’s of dollars to get your business on page 1 of both Google Maps and the normal search results. By implementing these strategies you can ensure that any prospective customer/client sees what you have to offer.